1898 Sans Custom Font

1898 Font- Bold, Italic and Regular

1898 Sans

1898 Sans is a custom font that was created specifically for Weill Cornell Medicine. It is both modern and friendly and should be used confidently: big and bold. The name is homage to the year our medical school was founded.

We never use ALL CAPITALS.

1898 Font Eye Chart


Our secondary font is Arial, and can be used in any applications. It works well for small text or long body copy.

*Our font packages are intentionally limited to a small set of options to maintain consistency in our brand identity and strengthen recognition and recall.


Our typeface is one of the key drivers of our visual identity and should be used to reinforce our brand story.

In general, 1898 Sans Bold is used more consistently than Regular and Light, but it should also not dominate. When choosing a weight, always consider the key message, context, and ultimate takeaway.


In digital applications we use 1898 Sans Bold and Regular for headlines and subheads only at sizes larger than 15pt. We never use 1898 Sans Light in digital applications.

Use Open Sans for all online digital applications for any text sizes smaller than 15pt.

When sharing editable files electronically, use a font that is commonly found on all computers, such as Arial. If you choose to use 1898 Sans in any digital document, please ensure that the document is delivered only as a PDF file so no changes can be made and no fonts will be changed. 1898 Sans should not be used for any editable documents.


Q: Designer Tip: Tracking

A: Tracking (the space between letters) should be set to zero.

Q: Designer Tip: Leading

A: Leading (the space between lines of text) should be tight for headlines, and standard for body text.

Q: Designer Tip: Align Left

A: We always align left and consider dramatic shifts in scale and asymmetry key aspects of our overall visual identity.

Q: General Tip: Font

A: 1898 Sans is available on every computer institution-wide for employee usage at Weill Cornell Medicine. The font package can also be downloaded on theĀ brand center. The font was custom-designed for our brand, which means we own the rights to use and share it with our partners and vendors as needed.