Care. Discover. Teach.

Our descriptor, “Care. Discover. Teach.”, captures the three pillars of Weill Cornell Medicine’s mission, starting with the common thread that connects them all: exceptional patient care. The physicians and scientists of Weill Cornell Medicine are engaged in world-class clinical care, cutting-edge research and medical education that connect patients to the latest treatments and prevention strategies.

The descriptor and corresponding artwork should only be used when representing all three pillars of our mission together.

As a result, “Care. Discover. Teach.”  is most appropriately used in materials for the Board of Fellows or from the Dean’s Office, Human Resources and External Affairs.


These two pieces of artwork are reserved for specific applications at the institution-wide level and are intended to support the masterbrand and all three pillars of our mission—Care, Discover and Teach.


Both images are available in full-color, all-black and all-white.

Clear Space

When placing the lock-up in relation to other elements - text, images, and so on - please ensure the clear space around the logo matches ‘X’ as specified in the illustration.

Minimum Space

The minimum size of the masterbrand lock-up is when the Seal is .5” wide.

Care. Discover. Teach.
Care. Discover. Teach.

Please contact with any questions about implementation or to request high-resolution art files.


Q: Can I change the name "Care. Discover. Teach"?

A: Only use “Care. Discover. Teach.”  in that order.  Neither the order of the words nor the colors should be changed.

Q: Where should I place "Care. Discover. Teach."?

A: Always use “Care. Discover. Teach.”  adjacent to Weill Cornell Medicine, either in words or with the logo.