Brand Architecture

Our brand architecture is a framework for organizing and naming entities within the Weill Cornell Medicine masterbrand. The architecture helps tell a unified story about Weill Cornell Medicine - and facilitates the understanding of the brand ecosystem by multiple audiences.

The brand architecture defines the entities, hierarchy, structure, and naming conventions of the system, which supports both brand strategy and visual applications.

The brand architecture does not reflect our internal organizational structure, but leads with patients as the primary consideration.


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WCM Org Chart

· Masterbrand: Weill Cornell Medicine is the overarching masterbrand that encompasses and unifies the three pillars of education, research, and care.

· Entities: The Weill Cornell Medicine masterbrand comprises multiple entities, which are focus areas that together communicate the brand offering.

· Co-branding: Weill Cornell Medicine has a unique co-branding relationship with NewYork-Presbyterian, as well as co-branding relationships with other institutions.


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brand architecture examples