Masterbrand Logos

Clear Space

When placing the masterbrand lock-up in relation to other elements - text, images, and so on - please ensure the clear space around the logo matches ‘X’ as specified in the illustration.

Example of spacing with X around the logo.

Example of clear spacing around Masterbrand logo.    Example of masterbrand logo in editing screen.

Minimum Size

Example of the .5" measurement for the seal.

The minimum size of the masterbrand lock-up is when the Seal is .5” wide for paper materials. When ordering promotional materials, the seal can be slightly smaller, but should be reasonably legible.

Logo Preview
Logo Type
Seal on Side, One Line
Seal on Top, One Line
Seal on Side, Two Line
Seal on Top, Two Line
Seal on Top, Three Line


Q: Can I create my own logo?

A: All master brand and entity logos are created by Marketing. For consistency of design, all units must employ the lock-ups and downloads on the brand website. Since they follow strict design patterns, logos should not be altered in any way.  If you have a question on which logo or format to use click here or contact

Q: Can I add more information to my current logo?

A: A logo has the single purpose of identifying the brand and serving as an element of easy recognition.  As the simple visual is repeated and recognized over time, it creates a sense of familiarity and trust.  It can also be an aid in wayfinding.  With this limited purpose in mind, a logo cannot be expected to serve as a billboard or any other form of communication.  If you need to communicate additional messages, the Marketing team can assist in finding another solution.